I’m not panicking, you are.

I’m not panicking, you are.  And because of you’re panicking, I have to
start panicking!

I will try to put this as politely and eloquently as I can, but there
will be a few swear words scattered throughout.

This is not at all in any way telling you what to do, this is just
telling you what I will be doing.  You do what you want.  you do what
you think is best, and save your arguments and contrarian opinions to
yourselves.  This is cathartic for me.  I am angry and need to vent.

Here are my observations:

People die every day.  you can die crossing the street, going down the
stairs.  driving in a car.  All life is valuable I am not saying just
to let these people die.  But keep things in perspective people!
People die, every day, that’s just a reality.

Opioids were involved in more than 67,000 drug overdose deaths in 2018
650k people die from the common flu annually.   Shouldn’t that be
considered a pandemic? The numbers for COVID-19 are not even close to
that number, so why has the world come to a screeching halt?   The
numbers in the USA … the entire country, listed on the CDC website
as of March 18 2020

Total cases: 7,038
Total deaths: 97

And those numbers are based on this:

Close contact276
Under investigation6,493
Total cases7,038

6493 UNDER INVESTIGATION…. wtf ???  that means that they could be
anything else but Coronavirus!  literally anything, asthma, drugs,
heart condition, obesity, for fucks sake people!

The numbers the media and the government are giving us are all
manipulated and not based on actual facts, they are giving us
estimated projected figures
The ACTUAL numbers, if you can even trust that information, are LOW,
actually very low!  the fact that the hospitals are overloaded and
turning people away is because of YOU, the panic dealers!  80% of the
people at the hospitals don’t have the virus and are actually
contributing to the spread by exposing themselves to other people that
actually have it!  People are scared and running to hospitals at the
first sign of any symptoms, even if they are minor!

This isn’t the first time “they” are trying to scare us.  Aids, SARS,
Ebola.  I have no clue who “they” are, but I do know there are bigger
plans at play here.

There was less panic over the piles of dead bodies during the
holocaust then there is over this virus!

The reach has gotten too big, with social media, Snapchat and the
internet.  It’s too much.  The amount of “experts”. and opinions are
exponential and equally useless.  No one knows wtf is going on, its
literally like broken telephone, you hear or read something then
repost add a few opinions, and spread more bullshit even the CDC and
WHO have changed their advice from day to day, no one knows a fucking

All of you morons reposting articles, advice, judgment, suggestions,
whether its political or virus related are perpetuating panic and
fear! I know you think you’re helping, but you’re not.  There is no
fact-checking, there is just an abundance of biased opinions based on
fear or hate.  So go back to banning straws, and bringing your
reusable bags to the grocery store! At least that is a tiny bit more

At the end of this, I guarantee there will not be piles of bodies in
big man-made pits due to the fucking COVID-19 virus.  iI will be all
the people who jumped!  out of a window or off a bridge because they
lost their jobs, their homes, their businesses, and the entire economy
crashed!  This much I can promise you, and I’m not a fucking expert.
It will be this century’s Great Depression.  I guess its mandatory
every century.

All of you DOOMSday preachers, saying this will get MUCH worse before
it gets better… bitch please, YOU’RE making it much worse. you are
actually the problem!   You are spreading the plague!  The plague of
fear.  You are the reason for toilet paper shortages and insanity!
Doomsday dealers have been around forever, make a sign and go hang out
where you belong, on the corner of the Bellagio and the Las Vegas

the blood on your doorposts will serve as a sign, marking the houses
where you are staying. When I see the blood, I will pass over you.
This plague of death will not touch you when I strike the land of
Egypt”   Keep dreaming, this isn’t a fable you can wish for!

How about everyone just calms the fuck down, I am NOT saying in any
way that I want to get sick, or I want to die, or that I am ignoring
the facts, or being ignorant, there is a huge difference here!
Perspective, it’s powerful.

I am truly not a conspiracy theorist, but if it looks like a duck and
quacks like a duck, its a duck!  If it is not crystal clear to you
that this has Politics written all over it, then you must be on the
“other side”  The country and the economy were thriving!  There is an
election fast approaching, and coming off the coattails of a failed
impeachment trial, something had to be done.  This is going to crush
all that progress, but that’s neither here nor there.  We will either
have to rebuild through a recession or somehow make a speedy recovery,
either way, every one of you will play your part!

All you “people” blaming the president, or the government, or god, or
your neighbor…They didn’t act fast enough, they acted too fast, They
didn’t close borders soon enough, stop flights, You have No clue what
is involved with any of these decisions if you are bitching or judging
how they are made!  You should shut up or run for president if you
think you can do a better job, from your condo in Miami, fucking
mind-blowing, especially from Canadians,  its hysterical!  You need to
take a step back, just do your part,  no one person is going to save
you or us, the fact that we need a global message to go out to the
human race to wash their hands or to stay home if you’re sick is sad
and scary at the same time!  This is the part of the story that should
have you worried and scared.

I watched all 8 seasons of the walking dead, and my only take away
from that show is very applicable to this event.

There is always a Neegan!  There will always be bad humans, always, no
matter the circumstances.  People that always want more, more money,
more power, more control.  You have to stay calm, you have to be
smart, and you have to have guns! I plan on all 3! I don’t know what’s
going to happen maybe it’ll be a fucking zombie apocalypse but you
know what I’m ready!

~humanity’s hate for each other is stronger than that of it’s own self

stay safe people and for fucks sake wash your hands, even when there
isn’t a panic-driven motive

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