Everyone needs to calm the F down

You all need to read the book “the giving tree”

Wow.  You can spend decades, years, months, days, hours, minutes,
seconds of your life doing something to help humanity and literally
have it all deleted by the raging sensitivity, ignorance, and
stupidity of this generation.

Literally, anything is “racism” now?  If you speak up it’s racist. If
you don’t speak it’s racist.   Anything you say and do or don’t say
and don’t do is construed as racist. The only thing that exonerates
you is to cower and chant as they do, apologize and self loathe.

You are all proclaiming your devout abhorrence of Greg Glassman words
and sever all ties and affiliation over the insensitivity of the words
“Floyd 19”.?   You’re all hypocrites. Self-righteous, herd following
cowards.  How is that racist?   How is comparing the protests and
violence, the looting, the vandalism, the “actual” unjust murders of
police and actual innocent people the civil unrest, the political
decisiveness, the funneling of all the like-minded believers to the
“hoax” of COVID 19?  How does this offend you?   It was merely a
reference point.  But now an actual criminal is dead, as the result of
an arrogant power-hungry cop, and all of a sudden that criminal has
all his previous sins abolished and Greg Glassman is the villain?
Man, you guys got it twisted.

I know Greg personally. I have for over 12 years. He didn’t ask me to
write this. I have nothing to gain or lose from this. I have no
financial ties to CrossFit, I don’t own any shares in the company.  In
fact, we haven’t even spoken since this erupted.   Greg has, for every
waking moment of the last 15 years and perhaps longer spent the
majority of his time, money, and energy on teaching other people how
to be healthier and live longer. Teaching doctors about health and
fitness. Teaching diabetics how to get off dialysis, teaching other
people how to teach people how to be healthier. His only goal in life
is to help you live longer while avoiding cancer and diabetes and
other chronic deadly diseases.  His entire existence is based on this
goal. From his family to yours. He has managed to create a business
model for this and in turn, generated a nice revenue from it.  He has
NEVER been greedy about it. He has never gouged anyone for it in fact
a lot of it has been free!  The information. The workouts the access
to it. But all his affiliates seem to have forgotten this. Most of
them have the platform and recognition they have only because of Greg
and CrossFit. You’re telling me that anyone on this planet would know
who the fuck Rich Froning was if it wasn’t for CrossFit?  little
boy from Cookeville Tennessee? Yeah, he might have been
crushing workouts at 24 hr fitness, but I promise you no one would
know his name.  Oh and what about all the money that Rich has made as
a result of Crossfit.  His entire livelihood is due to CrossFit!  All
of it, the same goes for all the other top athletes and or any other
athletes for that matter!  Rogue, really?  You only exist because of
Crossfit and Crossfit boxes? How dare you cut ties claiming your
beliefs aren’t in alignment?!  Fuck you.  They seemed to be aligned
when they made you millions of dollars, and gave you 12000 boxes to
supply with equipment!  How dare you!  He gave you all the
opportunity!  To own your own business, to help humanity, not be a
trainer Globo Gyms.  Greg literally didn’t even say anything RACIST?!
That’s the part I don’t get.  Maybe if he had said NO AFRICAN AMERICAN
affiliates will be permitted… then maybe I might understand how that
could be offensive, but he didn’t say that!  at all in any way shape
or form.  You are all so deluded its mind-boggling.

And now, that the man is down, has apologized, resigned, and retired.  It’s not good enough for you, Annie Thorsdottir, and Katrin Davidsdottir to name a few have shown their disdain that he still owns Crossfit?! What?  He didn’t kill Floyd?  He should LOSE his life’s work over a tweet? Why is this not enough for you, you’re no better than the rioters and looters, you see someone punching someone on the ground and rather than help them up you all join in a kick and punch too?  You’re barbarians, truly lacking in any empathy, humanity, or morals that you are all making sure that everyone thinks you have!

Crossfit’s entire existence is without any prejudice, all races, all
countries, all cultures do it and teach it.  So the fact that you can
even say out loud that Greg Glassman is a racist or made any type of
racist comments is absurd, and you all know it.

This is YOUR chance to pretend like you are perfect, your morals are
too high to stand for such inequality,  such injustice, you’re too
racially woke to tolerate this kind of insulting dialogue.  You must
sever all ties, you must break away from any association with such
blatant racism.

The only thing that you are doing is showing everyone that there is no
such thing as loyalty, no honor, no debt, no integrity.  You jumped
ship at the first sight of the storm.  Every man for himself.  Save
yourself first, while pretending its for the plight of the black man.
Keep telling yourself that.  I know it’ll help you sleep better at
night.  Cause if you don’t cower to society and repeat after them,
they will ostracize you, your business your livelihood. One tweet does not negate a life of work and good. One mistake does not negate 1000 good deeds.

People forget where they came from.  People forget what got us here.
For the love of god have a bit of a backbone you slithering
hypocrites.  Just take your turn on the soap box “instagram”. and let
everyone know how outraged you are, it’s contrived, and artificial.
about as helpful as your thoughts and prayers, every time there’s a
school shooting.

You’re all pussies!  Weak-minded sheep. Just following suit so you
look good to the other sheep.  Are you also the same people wanting to
defund the police?  asking for a friend?

“The wonderful thing about bluntness is that it gauges the strong and
intimidates the weak.” – Tony Blauer

I’m Jewish. I think we know a little thing or two about racism by
default.  Remember a little thing called the Holocaust?  Where one man
convinced millions of people that all Jews must die just because
they’re Jewish?  Ummm that might have something to do with racism. My
grandmother watched her mother and father be pulled from her arms, be
separated by gender and put in a gas chamber. And killed.  My
grandfather had his parents and ten siblings ripped from his home and
put on trains all to be sent to concentration camps and ultimately
killed.  Killed!   Cause they were Jewish!  Literally for no other
reason.   So don’t you fucking try and teach me about racism.

Now before you burn me at the stake.  I do not condone what the
officer did to George Floyd. That would make me a racist.  Especially
if I were to say I’m glad he killed him. Especially because he’s
black.  But I’m NOT SAYING THAT.  That officer should go to jail.
Racism exists.  No denying that but NEWS FLASH Racism is not rampant
in the world.  It is not sytemic and it is not what it used to be. You’re a martyr or misinformed if that’s what you
believe.  If you’re not successful, it’s not because you’re black. Its
cause you’re not trying hard enough.  There is a very very long list
of very successful wealthy black people, try googling it or ask Morgan

Wanna rap. Go ahead
Wanna buy a house. Go ahead
Wanna get married? To a white person to a gay person to a fish? Go ahead
Wanna go to school? Go ahead
Wanna be president? Go ahead
Wanna be a senator? A police chief? A dentist? A brain surgeon? An
actor? Drive a bus? Make kombucha? A football player? An accountant? A
police officer?  What can’t you do because your black?   What?  Name something, ill wait. If you feel oppressed that’s on you!  That’s not my fucking fault. I’ve never
owned a slave. I’ve never not let a black person on a bus, I’ve never
not let a black man in my home.

I had a fucking home invasion. A real one!  Where 4 black young men
rang my doorbell and came into my home. My fucking home! with loaded
guns and held them to my head and my kids faces! And I’m still not
fucking racist. You know why? Cause I know the difference between a
criminal and a law-abiding citizen!   Nothing to do with race!

If I see a black doctor I don’t run away screaming! That would be
racism.  If I see a black robber with a gun aimed at me I’m gonna run.
That’s not racism.

If you don’t want to have a problem with the police, don’t cause one!
Be a law-abiding citizen, don’t spit in a cops face, listen when they
talk, be respectful, don’t run when they say “freeze” don’t hang around
drug dealers, thieves, murderers, robbers, carjackers,  Cops do NOT
walk up to people and shoot them for no reason, You can’t possibly
believe that!  All of you fucking geniuses wanting to De-fund police,
You should try going on a little ride along , and see what the police deal with, the
insanity that goes on.  The shit they see and deal with.  Most of you pussies can’t even handle the sight of a spider!! You are IGNORANT and sheltered.  Bad shit and
dangerous people exist everywhere.  We need the police, more now then ever.


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